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Register for the GetSmart! Webinar: Fluor employs Intergraph® SmartPlant® Cloud to increase productivity in joint venture projects
As projects become more and more complex on a global level, joint ventures are becoming more commonplace. Workload and responsibilities are being shared amongst multiple partners, multiple channels and multiple locations. These situations pose challenges for information transfer and data integrity, both key in completing a project on time, on budget and within the utmost safety standards. Today’s technology, however, offers solutions. Intergraph’s SmartPlant Cloud is leading the way in delivering a global collaborative environment that ensures data can be accessed regardless of end user location, optimizing work processes and joint venture initiatives.

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This webinar will feature examples of how Fluor has employed SmartPlant Cloud to achieve better productivity in large-scale, complex, joint venture projects, and how having information within reach to all parties lays a solid foundation for project success.
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