Download Hexagon PPM White Paper: Adapting and Adopting 3D Design Technology to Cruise Ships
Modern cruise ship design processes and workflows create special challenges for organizations that want to apply 3D modeling technology to the early design stages. Some of the unique requirements stem from the high volume of 2D design data produced by outside parties, such as owners, architects, suppliers, and sub-contractors. Others are driven by the volumetric restrictions placed on the design in the public spaces. As challenging as these issues are, the sheer magnitude and scale of change during these early stages of the design have led to workflows and processes that delay the start of 3D modeling efforts until some level of maturity has been reached and the rate of change has not only stabilized, but has slowed to a manageable level.

Being able to apply 3D modeling technology in a highly concurrent, integrated, multi-disciplinary engineering environment early in the design process has a number of business benefits that lead to improved product quality, more accurate engineering data, and better visualization and understanding of the design. STX France has been working with Intergraph® to enhance Intergraph Smart™ 3D to provide features and functions that facilitate the application of 3D modeling technology to the specialized workflows and processes associated with structural design of cruise ships. The authors will present a number of these key enhancements along with the use cases that drove their development and the process and workflow changes they enable. Download this White Paper to learn more.
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