Intergraph® CADWorx® GetSmart! Webinar Series

29 October 2013 1-2pm AEDT CADWorx 2014 Release Watch Webinar
7 November 2013 2-3pm AEDT P&ID Professional "How-To" Watch Webinar
14 November 2013 2-3pm AEDT CADWorx Plant Professional "How-To" Watch Webinar
21 November 2013 2-3pm AEDT CADWorx Deliverables "How-To" Watch Webinar
27 November 2013 2-3pm AEDT CADWorx Integration "How-To" Watch Webinar

About the Webinars

CADWorx 2014 Release Webinar

1-2pm AEDT, Tuesday, 29 October 2013

In this webinar, Joseph Dixon, global product manager for CADWorx, covered an overview of this newest release. Find out what’s new with CADWorx 2014, and how it can enhance your productivity by producing accurate and rapid deliverables. Some of the latest updates include:
  • Dynamic pipe supports
  • Custom data enhancements
  • Line View filter enhancements
  • Nozzle attach capabilities
  • OrthoGEN direct from CADWorx
  • ISOGEN® repeatability
Watch the CADWorx 2014 Release webinar recording

P&ID Professional "How-To" Webinar
2-3pm AEDT, Thursday, 7 November 2013

Hosted by Cortex Engineering Software, this webinar will focus on how to set up projects within CADWorx P&ID Pro and the steps to customisation to suit company and project requirements. It will cover migration of symbols from legacy projects and company standards, the creation of new symbols and connecting the P&ID drawings to databases.

Watch the P&ID Professional "How-To" webinar recording

CADWorx Plant Professional "How-To" Webinar
2-3pm AEDT, Thursday, 14 November 2013

Hosted by Cortex Engineering Software, this webinar will cover the creation of piping specifications, the conversion of legacy specifications to the new CADWorx format, and the conversion of specifications from competitor products such as Autodesk® Plant 3D and AutoPlant. It will demonstrate how to leverage USER fields in LineView, how to link P&IDs into the 3D model using PIDView and how to insert non-CADWorx equipment into the model with generic nozzle attachment. It will also show how to auto-route piping and create dynamic pipe supports.

Watch the CADWorx Plant Professional "How-To" webinar recording

CADWorx Deliverables "How-To" Webinar
2-3pm AEDT, Thursday, 21 November 2013

Hosted by Cortex Engineering Software, this webinar will demonstrate how to publish P&IDs to the web for project data sharing, review, and comment using Internet Publisher. It will also show how to publish the 3D model for sharing with non-CADWorx users using Design Review. The webinar will demonstrate how to use the new Orthogen product to create automated 2D orthographic projections, general arrangements and layout drawings. We will also show the new features introduced to ISOGEN, key ones being the REPEATABILITY function which provides consistent BOM, weld numbering, etc., across revisions and the introduction of ICONFIG, the graphical interface for creating isometric templates.

Watch the CADWorx Deliverables "How-To" webinar recording

CADWorx Integration "How-To" Webinar
2-3pm AEDT, Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hosted by Cortex Engineering Software, this webinar will show how to seamlessly create CAESAR II® pipe stress analysis models directly from CADWorx and how to import any changes made in CAESAR II back into the CADWorx plant model. We will also show how to interface CADWorx with PV Elite®, the Intergraph pressure vessel design program, and how changes made in either program are reflected bi-directionally. Similarly we will show how to use PV Fabricator to create pressure vessel fabrication drawings directly from PV Elite and CADWorx. Lastly we will demonstrate how to create intelligent 3D plant models from laser scan data of existing plants.

Watch the CADWorx Integration "How-To" webinar recording

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The CADWorx GetSmart! Webinar Series has now concluded, however you can access any of the webinar recordings by the links below. With over 60 new features and enhanced functionalities, Intergraph® CADWorx 2014 can help to improve productivity and efficiency. Find out more about Intergraph CADWorx - watch the CADWorx webinars!