The entire course includes five days of training, which are broken down into two main topics: Statics and Dynamics.

Download the complete CAESAR II Pipe Stress Analysis Training Course Agenda

Statics - Monday to Wednesday

Monday AM

Piping Code Basics (Chapter 1)

Monday PM

Simple Re-Design Workshop (PIPE1)

Tuesday AM

Design for Piping Loads (Chapter 2,SUPT01)

Tuesday PM

Assorted modelling, analysis, and compliance topics (TUTOR)

Wednesday AM

Assorted topics, continued

Wednesday PM

Analysis documentation and static analysis workshop (model generation, system evaluation, system redesign)

Dynamics - Thursday and Friday

Thursday AM

Theory of Dynamic Analysis of Systems

Thursday PM

Harmonic Load Analysis – Forced Vibration (TDRPMP)

Friday AM

Response Spectrum Analysis – Seismic & Relief Loads

Friday PM

Time History Analysis – Hammer Loads (SNFAIL)