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3 - 7 August 2015

Beau Monde International
934 Doncaster Road
Doncaster, Victoria, Australia

Cost: $4,950 (exc. GST)

Why attend?

Why Attend the Training Course?

You will:

Gain confidence in your modelling abilities to build better models faster!
Get maximum advantage from your software system!
Learn the full capabilities of today's most complete pipe stress analysis tool!

How the Course Will Help You Personally

You'll learn problem-solving principles that you will apply to real piping systems. This means learning how to correctly answer questions like:

"Is there a problem?"
"What is causing it?"
"How can we fix it?"

How the Course Will Benefit Your Company

You'll learn to analyse problems that, until now, had to be sent outside the company to "specialists".

You'll save time by learning to solve potential pipe stress problems more accurately and more quickly.

You'll save your company money by helping them keep more jobs in-house, provide more accurate cost estimates, and save future re-designs by having a better system from inception.

You'll give your company that all-important competitive edge it needs in today's marketplace.

Not Just for CAESAR II Users!

Almost anyone involved with piping in the petroleum, chemical, power, gas transmission, and related industries can benefit from this up-to-date, information-packed short course, whether they use other pipe stress programs - or don't use any!