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3 - 7 August 2015

Beau Monde International
934 Doncaster Road
Doncaster, Victoria, Australia

Cost: $4,950 (exc. GST)

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About the Training Course

The training course covers proper system modelling guidelines, methods of static and dynamic analysis of piping systems, evaluation of system designs, and effective approaches to system redesign.

The course is broken down into half-day sessions, each covering a major topic. Each of these sessions includes a lecture, or discussion followed by a "hands-on exercise", which reinforces the session topic.

Technical Reference

Course notes, which serve as a technical reference during the training course, are provided to all attendees. These training course notes are always extremely well regarded as an everyday technical resource. The direct, thoughtful style in which they are written makes it easy to understand even the most technical, complex issues.

From expansion joints and springs to vibration and time-history analysis, the training course notes provide a great information resource that you will continue to use long after the course itself.

Course Program


  • Analysis requirements defined in the piping codes
  • Important considerations for piping models
  • Stress guidelines for piping layout
  • Evaluating results to guide redesign
  • Buried pipe and pipeline analysis
  • Fatigue evaluation of piping
  • Addressing wind and seismic loads with static equivalents
  • Modelling and analysing fiberglass reinforced plastic pipe
  • Wave and current loads on offshore risers
  • Modelling & static analysis workshop


  • Building a proper dynamic model
  • Interpreting dynamic results
  • Solving vibration problems using harmonic analysis
  • Seismic analysis using the response spectrum method
  • A survey of approaches to evaluating relief valve discharge
  • Evaluating transient loads with time history analysis
  • Dynamic analysis workshops