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GetSmart! Webinar


DOWNLOAD NOW the GetSmart! Webinar Designing Industrial Water Treatment Facilities with CADWorx® and see how you can benefit!

The GetSmart! Designing Industrial Water Treatment Facilities with CADWorx Webinar held on April 11th, 2018, featured how the CADWorx powerful tool-set, is the ideal solution for the design of new plants or the modernization of existing industrial water treatment facilities.

Using a waste water treatment and an associated water purification plant model as a basis for the live demonstration, learn how:

  • Concrete and steel structures – like sedimentation and aeration tanks - commonplace in waste water treatment facilities, are designed;
  • In combination with BricsCAD BIM, buildings housing plant can be modeled and detailed in accordance with industry standards;
  • Piping used in water treatment facilities, having different materials, connections and construction methods, are easily routed and quickly changed when designs need to be revised;
  • Deliverables are generated automatically, ensuring an accurate and consistent handover of information to procurement, construction and commissioning, and eventually, operations and maintenance;

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