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Download Recorded Intergraph® GetSmart! Webinar: Enhancing Your Loop Diagrams with SmartPlant® Enhanced Smart Loops
Documenting your design accurately and consistently – plus keeping track of the changes – is always a challenge on projects. These tasks are time-consuming, and each project has its own unique demands.

Download this webinar, originally presented on December 4, 2014, to learn how SmartPlant Instrumentation Enhanced Smart Loops (ESL) can help you solve these challenges. See how to create, track revisions, compare, modify the layout of loops, and more. This webinar also highlights the solution’s new capabilities, such as consolidated wiring reports per signal.

ESL offers vast reporting capabilities to support your project needs. This is a unique capability to create Loop Diagram graphical reports directly from SmartPlant Instrumentation data without templates. Increase productivity and gain a true view of what has been designed in SmartPlant Instrumentation.

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