Download Recorded GetSmart! Webinar: Complex Reality Simplified: Discussing Industry Trends and SmartPlant® Enterprise Technology
What do STAR WARS, STAR TREK, The Matrix, Prometheus, and other blockbuster science-fiction movies have in common with Intergraph®? For starters, they all showcase remarkable feats of technology and engineering that ignite our imagination to explore unrealized potential. Also, the technology is always easy, intuitive, and simple to use!

View the “fire-side” chat on macro industry and technology trends and their impact on EPCs and Owner/Operators.

Learn how Intergraph is blazing a trail with SmartPlant Enterprise by harnessing Cloud, SaaS, Reality Capture, and much more with intelligent, integrated, “rule-based” systems that encompass comprehensive work processes and entire project life cycles for EPCs and Owner/Operators.

Download this webinar, originally presented on November 13, 2014, to learn how Intergraph continues to innovate and is making your work life simple!

Technology covered: SmartPlant Enterprise – comprehensive product suite that encompasses more than a dozen products for the entire project life cycle.

When registering for this webinar, we ask that you use your business information, including your business email address, due to export compliance guidelines. You will receive en email with a link to download the recording.

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