This webinar, originally held on Tuesday 17 June 2014, was the first in a groundbreaking two-part webinar series in which you will learn how to use CAESAR II and FEATools™ to:        
  • Analyze components outside of code limits.
  • Improve analyses of high cycle service.
  • Reduce stress on equipment.
  • Increase plant and equipment life.
  • Produce more cost-effective designs.
  • Calculate realistic loading conditions.
  • Calculate realistic allowable loads on nozzles.
All webinar attendees were offered a FREE 90-day license for CAESAR II Fundamentals Online Training should their company purchase CAESAR II before 30 June 2014 and have the opportunity to submit their CAESAR II models for expert review.
Download this GetSmart! Webinar: Theory and Examples of the Application of FEATools to CAESAR II Modeling and Analysis
Webinar Presenter: Tony Paulin

Tony Paulin has dedicated his life to creating and helping engineers apply the best and most advanced technology to the fields of piping and pressure vessel design and analysis.

Under his direction, Paulin Research Group (PRG), of which he is both Founder and President, performs consulting, training, and physical lab testing to confirm both the software’s accuracy and usability.  He regularly presents papers and findings at industry seminars and conferences.

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