Download Recorded GetSmart! Webinar: Leveraging Gaming for a Highly Immersive and Interactive Training Experience - How Eskom’s New-build Medupi Power Station Uses 3D PACT
Download this webinar to learn how to effectively and safely transfer knowledge to new staff members by leveraging computers and gaming for training simulation in the industrial plant environment.

In this webinar, you will learn how Eskom’s Medupi power station uses Samahnzi’s 3D PACT to rapidly familiarize and train its staff on plant layout and system flow, as well as component identification and system isolation procedures.

As the largest power utility in Africa, Eskom makes use of large plant equipment and complex processes to generate electricity. The sheer size of the plant, its components, and the complexity of the processes that are in place to effectively drive such plants often overwhelm new staff who are entering this domain for the first time.

It is important for production and engineering staff to obtain a detailed understanding of these complex systems and their components in a less intimidating and safe environment. The 3D PACT virtual facility provides a platform where staff can comfortably interact with plant components (all labeled according to the KKS coding convention), explore plant layout and system breakdowns, and visualize system-to-system integration.

3D PACT opens a new world to the plant operator to be part of the training and truly understand the urgency of instructions he or she receives and the swiftness with which actions should be executed.

Samahnzi’s 3D PACT, available through Intergraph®, is a 3D-based training simulation solution that provides a highly immersive, realistic, and interactive training experience for industrial plants. It leverages 3D plant models or photorealistic Leica TruView laser scans. Real-world scenarios enable trainees to step through operating and commissioning procedures, maintenance tasks, inspections, and isolations.

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