Download Recorded GetSmart! Webinar: Providing a holistic approach to Process Safety Management and Asset Integrity Management

Owner operators recognize that ensuring process safety and asset integrity is no longer an option in today’s business environment, but a prerequisite to retain their license to operate and secure safe, reliable production at lowest sustainable cost. Process Safety Management (PSM) involves everybody that works on a plant or is in any way involved with supporting a plant. PSM comprises a set of discrete but closely interrelated elements or work processes. An effective PSM program requires a holistic approach. While each PSM element in itself provides a benefit, complete PSM can only be achieved by managing ALL of the elements as a set of highly integrated processes. A PSM or Asset Integrity program is only as good as its weakest link.

Viewers of this webinar will:

  • Learn the advantages of a common integrated platform for Process Safety Management.
  • Discover a unique mobile solution supporting Asset Integrity.
  • Identify ways to reduce effort and improve quality from automated Process Hazard Analysis.
  • Recognize the savings that can be achieved from automating engineering integrity through rules-based verification.
When registering for this webinar, we ask that you use your business information, including your business email address, due to export compliance guidelines. You will receive en email with a link to download the recording.

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