Download Recorded GetSmart! Webinar: SmartPlant® Instrumentation: Integrating Quality Assurance at Bechtel and Automating Macro Expansion Functionality
This is a two-part webinar originally held on October 6, 2011, featuring presentations from Bechtel and Intergraph.

(Part 1) Leveraging Engineering Automation with Intergraph SmartPlant Instrumentation and Bechtel BcsTools
Bechtel has implemented a strategy to improve data quality and consistency, minimizing engineering errors and rework. By standardizing on SmartPlant Instrumentation Configuration across multiple offices, SmartPlant Instrumentation projects can be customized within the organization by using standard SEED files. This webinar will illustrate how to improve and standardize work processes. Business rules customization and validation will also be discussed.

(Part 2) Automating the Expansion from Functional (SmartPlant P&ID) to Physical (SmartPlant Instrumentation)

The P&ID shows the plant configuration and the related control functions. These control functions need to be expanded, detailed, specified, purchased, and installed using SmartPlant Instrumentation.

The new macro expansion functionality available in SmartPlant Instrumentation 2009 SP3 enables the automation of this expansion. SmartPlant Instrumentation is integrated with SmartPlant P&ID, in which you can assign the expansion code to instruments and/or loops. This results in the creation of all required components in SmartPlant Instrumentation to perform the required control functionality. Download this webinar to view a demonstration and learn more about the productivity and design consistency improvements that SmartPlant Instrumentation offers.

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